About the campaign:

It’s (almost) 2019, and the adventure continues!

Five years on, the Spirit continues to move and mold this work that we call The Commons into a unique (and, I believe, important) expression of the Lord’s Kingdom, here in northern New England. This past year, in a manner even more clear and dramatic than before, we have been caught up in the adventure of endeavoring to imagine Church, not as a building, an institution or just another provider of religious goods and services, but as MOVEMENT; as growing, wholehearted followers of Jesus, gathered in community and scattered on mission, together. This year, we have grown in our living conviction of the Holy Spirit’s empowering, and CALLING, of each and every follower of Jesus according to the purposes of God in the world. Our vision continues to expand and refine, as we imagine with Jesus what would happen if every disciple were set free to infiltrate every crack, crevice and people group of our region with the love of Christ, as they were gifted and called to do so. Altogether, the aim of our “central ministries” - and budget - is to resource the activation and actualization of this ever-growing vision.

It is common for non-profits and ministries to make year-end appeals for funds, and it may be easy for the needs of our own, ongoing and everyday mission to get lost in the shuffle. In truth, all the needs and appeals which assail all of us everyday make me generally reluctant to raise the issue of finances, at all. But when it comes down to it, I believe in this community. I believe that what we're doing matters. I believe that this work that the Lord is doing in our midst is important. I believe that The Commons is a Movement worth joining, and a Mission WORTH supporting. And so, I invite your support.

The aim of the "$10K Campaign" is to raise $10,000, over and above our current monthly average giving, between now and the end of January 2019. Would you consider offering your support to this effort, and this mission?

Offerings are received at every Gathering, or through our website, HERE.

On the Move, with you.
Pastor Chris

Pledged Giving option:

The 10K Campaign extends beyond the New Year to include *pledges* taken through the end of January 2019 for special giving funds that we can expect to come in between January and the end of March. These promised funds would help us reach our target goal, as well as ensuring that we finish out our fiscal year well.

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