Learning Community + Winter/spring 2019

+ Introduction to Calling + “Where your happiness and the world’s needs meet" ( F. Buechner )

Courtesy, The Underground Network (www.tampaunderground.com)


What’s your CALLING?

The concept of “calling” has been discussed at length in the Church over the centuries, and all the more so in recent decades, it seems. The great “Who am I?” of our postmodern world instills a particular sense of urgency in our quest for clarity and a sense of purpose in life. We ask, again and again at critical moments throughout our lives: ”What was I MADE to do?"

While society at large will seek to answer these questions by any variety of avenues, as followers of Jesus we understand that these questions - and our longing for a sense of purpose - aren’t at all outside God’s of plan. To the contrary, these longings are “hardwired” into our humanity, a clear indicator of God’s desire and intent for us. Surveying the pages of scripture, we notice a repeating theme: the Lord’s unique, Kingdom calling, revealed and spoken over his people, in every generation. The task - and opportunity - for the follower of Jesus is to take these questions as they pertain to OUR lives and bring them before the Lord, intentionally asking that He give voice to His direction, and then seeking the power to ACCEPT the invitation that emerges through active obedience.

God has created you, ON purpose, and FOR a purpose. And at the place where your personality, gifts, circumstances, joy and heartbreak intersect the great needs of our world, you will find an invitation to participate in his redeeming, Kingdom work. The aim of our CALLING LAB Learning Community will be to help you hear that invitation, and begin to discern what it means to accept it.

This Learning Community will consist of four guided conversations around these topics, curated through the CALLING LAB curriculum developed by the Underground Network ( www.tampaunderground.com ). A “next steps” celebration will be held at our GATHERING on 12/16/2018.


Location & Times:

Location: TBD

Time: 9:30 - 11:00am

Dates & Topics:

Week 1 - Theology of Calling & Mission ( 3/2/2019 )

Week 2 - Personality Inventory ( 3/9/2019 )

Week 3 - Vocation (Gifting) & Opportunity Analysis ( 3/23/2019 )

Week 4 - Emotions & Community Input ( 3/30/2019 )

Week 5 - Celebration & Next Steps ( GATHERING, 4/7/2019 )

*Childcare Provided*



We'll be starting each week with a short video produced by the Underground, with discussion to follow. These conversations will be guided by the Calling Lab material, found in the book of the same title. Every person in the learning community will be asked to pick up their own copy of this book in their preferred format, and to have completed the assigned reading before each session.

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The Calling Lab manual is available for purchase through the Underground’s online store.

We're excited to begin this journey with you! Pick up a book, fill out the registration below, and we'll be in touch as the first conversation approaches. See you soon!


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