We have seen the forecast.

If there's one thing we here at The Commons are pretty good at, it's facing and overcoming logistical complications. Here's the deal for Sunday's baptism:

As much as we love our outdoor baptisms, Sunday's forecast is showing a 100% chance of the ENTIRE community getting baptized where they stand (if not also struck by lightning); family, friends, and all. And, to cap it off, no one wants a soggy burger at our picnic-style celebration to follow.

As such, we have made arrangements to move our celebration of baptism back toThe Castle on Charles (19 Charles St.), where we held our Gathering last week,10:30am. We'll be bringing in a baptistry/tub and doing the whole deal, reception and all, right there. While different from our original plan, this setup should prove pretty neat in its own right. I'm very much looking forward to it.

Regarding the reception, we'll continue according to the "picnic style" plan - each family bringing enough for themselves, plus perhaps a little more to share - and we will plan to have the grill set up outside underneath a tent for those interested in bringing hamburgers / hot dogs / etc. 

Sound good? I love it when a plan comes together! Again.

I look forward to seeing you all - plus family, friends, and everyone else who'll be joining us for this special day - at 10:30am this coming Sunday!

Pastor Chris