Dear Friends,

In just a little more than two day's time, our world will mark the turning over of a new calendar year; bidding "adieu" to 2016, while pausing to celebrate and wonder at the arrival of 2017. Together we ask, what might the days ahead hold in store for us? What gifts, challenges, opportunities and experiences lie around the corner of this next page of our story? Though one could rightly note that very little, in fact, will change in that moment when the clock rolls over and leaves 12/31, 11:59pm behind us, it remains true that few days in the year are marked by the same blend of shared expectation, trepidation, and recommitted resolve as January the 1st.

As the calendar would have it this time around, we have the opportunity to mark the arrival of 2017 in the manner most fitting for followers of Jesus: Together, in worship! As we gather, week in and week out to study, sing, and share in table of the Lord, we participate in and bear witness to the truth of the BIG STORY which catches up, in the language of unfolding centuries, those smaller stories which emerge in and through our lives, year-by-year. A year will come, and a year will go, while the presence and purposes of God bind both history and humanity together in the great story of his creating, sustaining, rescuing and redeeming love.

It is in worship that we allow that story to shape and sustain us, establishing the footing of our lives upon the eternal significance which it brings to each and every hour that we are given to draw breath upon the face of the earth. And, does so in a manner much richer than simply marking the passage of time in the vague hope of the prospect of human progress. A year comes, a year goes; King Jesus is on the throne of Heaven, championing the work of his coming Kingdom, even here, and even now! This is our story, as people of the King, and this is the hope that roots our hearts together in worship. Thanks be to God!  

This Sunday, as was the case for our Christmas Eve celebration, our Gathering will be held at the Governor's Inn, 78 Wakefield St., here in Rochester. As usual, the festivities will commence at 10:30am

I so look forward to coming together in worship with all of you! Let us mark the coming of this new year well; in the name, and as the people, of Jesus.

Every Blessing,
Pastor Chris