The Church of Jesus Christ is not an organization, a program, a day of the week or a building. She is a living thing; a people, a family, a kingdom, a bride; a global movement of the Holy Spirit of Christ in, around and through anyone and everyone who has fallen in to the embrace of the saving love and eternal purposes of Jesus. The moment that a local expression of the global/eternal Church fails to be a body of genuine LIFE, filled, inspired, driven and motivated by the Holy Spirit, whatever it may yet be, it is no longer the Church in any meaningful sense of the word.

Living things grow, and living things MOVE. The defining thing about movements is, most simply put, MOTION; change and challenge and transformation. If nothing else, it is fair to say that we here with The Commons know a fair amount about movement. We're moving all of the time! From our unique rhythms - moving between Gathering, Table and City - to the regular set-up and tear-down that comes with hosting our Gatherings in borrowed spaces, we've never been afforded the temptation of staying still for too long. I, for one, am grateful for the lessons and values that God has pressed deep into the heart of our community through these circumstances and challenges. The Spirit of God is birthing something good, important and beautiful in our midst, day by day; I wouldn't trade that for anything. Thanks be to God for his faithfulness and direction, along the way!

This summer, we are on the move again! As of our next Gathering (June 19th) we will be in a new location for the summer months, as the Rochester Fairgrounds has graciously agreed to host us. While the location change comes with challenges, it also presents some distinct opportunities! The neighborhoods surrounding the Fairgrounds represent some of the most critical, challenged, and under-represented families in our city. Through the provision of this location God has made it possible for us to embed ourselves, as the Body of Christ, at the very heart of this need. What a profound privilege and responsibility! 

Looking forward to this transition, on June 14th from 6 to 8:30pm, we could use your help! We will be meeting at the Fairgrounds location (72 Lafayette St.) to prayer walk and distribute door-hanger invitations to the surrounding neighborhood, as well as taking some time to clean and prep the space that we will be meeting in. The more hands for prayer and service we have, the better prepared we will be!

I am excited for what Jesus has in store for us in the months ahead. Would you join us in keeping all of this in prayer during the coming weeks?

Every Blessing,

Pastor Chris