Hello, Friends!

Are you ready?

This Sunday, we'll be kicking off the teaching segment of our NEW series "God || Story : finding our place in the unfolding saga of scripture". Between now and next September we will be working our way through the whole of scripture(!), Genesis to Revelation, drawing out the big-picture themes of the "grand narrative" of salvation history. We'll be looking at the Bible as one, BIG story with six different "Chapters":

1.) Creation (Kingdom, Established)
2.) Fall (Kingdom in Rebellion)
3.) Israel (The King's People: Part I)
4.) Jesus (The King Comes)
5.) Church (The King's People: Part II)
6.) New Creation (The King Comes Again)

This Sunday at Gathering we begin... at the Beginning(!), with the creation account in Genesis 1. As always, you'll find us at the Rochester Performance & Arts Center (32 North Main St.) at 10:00am, every Sunday. Just show up! It'd be a blessing to have you join us.

Have you ever wondered what Eden was really like? Why God created the world that he did, and what that act of creation means for us, today? Join us this Sunday, and find out why I think a PLAYGROUND may very well be the nearest image we presently have of that PARADISE. See you then! 

Every Blessing,
Pastor Chris