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Hello Friends,

We are on an adventure, you and I.

It's a unique thing that the Lord has breathed to life in our midst these past four years. A model and manner of church life that is not so much new as it is quite OLD, our little "family of faith" is yet fairly distinctive in the context of the American Church. Over these years, we have been caught up in the adventure of endeavoring to imagine Church, not as a building, an institution or just another provider of religious goods and services, but as MOVEMENT; as growing, wholehearted followers of Jesus, in community and on mission, together.

It never fails that, everywhere I go, and any chance I have to share and describe the values, vision and community life that the Spirit has led us to, the response is the same: puzzlement, excitement, interest, inspiration... and hope. It is my growing sense that our corner of the world is simply ready for a new vision of what it means to be the Church of Jesus Christ, in this day and time. Right here in Rochester, NH, we've been given a chance to step into this leading and longing together, and the truth - not to be overly dramatic - is that the wider world is watching.

I'll be honest with you: this grand experiment of ours has come to mean a great deal to me. The community, the vision, the expressions of discipleship, corporate life and mission; altogether, I have never believed so wholeheartedly in the ministry of the local church as I do now in this work called "The Commons". I believe in this. I believe in US. I believe that what the Lord is doing here in our midst is genuinely and profoundly important at this moment in history. I truly believe that. 

In the same breath, grand experiment that this remains, it has never ceased to be an open question whether or not we will prove ultimately, financially sustainable, in the end. With our denominational support "agreement" officially coming to a close in the Spring of 2018, the question looms all the more significantly. With this in mind, I offer a year-end / new-year appeal for your consideration and prayer:

Eight months in to our current fiscal year, we're looking at heading in to January 2018 about $10,000 "off the mark" of where we need to be at this time. In order to assess and plan for the year ahead from a place of health in our family finances, I would like for us to endeavor to come together and raise that $10,000 shortfall - over and above our ongoing local giving - between now and the end of January 2018. 

It is common for non-profits and ministries to make year-end appeals for funds, and it may be easy for the needs of our own, ongoing and everyday mission to get lost in the shuffle. In truth, all the needs and appeals which assail all of us everyday make me generally reluctant to raise the issue of finances, at all. But when it comes down to it, I believe in this community. I believe that what we're doing matters. I believe that this work that the Lord is doing in our midst is important. I believe that The Commons is a Movement worth joining, and a Mission WORTH supporting. And so, I invite your support.

The aim of this "$10K Campaign" is to raise $10,000, over and above our current monthly average giving, between now and the end of January 2018. Would you consider offering your support to this effort, and this mission?

Offerings are received at every Gathering, or through our website, HERE.

On the Move, with you.
Pastor Chris