Come (Taste) & See..png

This Sunday, we're doing something a little different.

For this TABLE Sunday, rather than meeting in separate homes as we usually do, all of our Table Groups will be coming together at the Rochester Performance & Arts Center (32 North Main St.) for a time of WORSHIP, FELLOWSHIP, FOOD, as well as some *friendly* competition.

It's February, and we figure everybody can use a little help kicking those mid-winter doldrums, so as a church community we thought we'd plan a Sunday set aside for something fun. So this Sunday, February 25th, we'll be hosting an (un)Common Chili + Mac & Cheese "Cook-off"!

We're inviting anyone who's got a strong culinary game and interested to put together their BEST pot of chili, or mac & cheese (or both!) and bring it (in a crock pot for warming) to the RPAC on Sunday. We'll start at 10am with some time in worship, stories and prayer together. We'll enjoy one another's company and some unhurried space. Around 11am, we'll roll into the "judging" for the chili and mac & cheese submissions, after which we'll open things up, have everyone grab a bowl, and enjoy a hearty meal together!

Even if you (like myself) don't personally have a dish to submit, definitely DO join us (and eat)! Our aim is just to have a fun and relaxed time together as a family of faith; come on out, bring an appetite, bring a friend!