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"Gathering", this Sunday! This week, we continue our journey through the "Big Story" of scripture with Israel, and God's enduring, covenant promise of a LAND to make and call home.

What are we to make of the Lord's apparent fixation with real estate as the centerpiece of his promises to Israel? How do we understand the EARTH as a context for the story of ETERNITY? How might our answers to these sorts of questions shape our own lives as followers of Jesus in the world, today?

Let it never be said that we shied away from the big ideas and challenges of scripture ;)

Join us Sunday, as we engage the text, lean deeply into the fellowship of our family of faith, and come before the Lord together in prayer, testimony and worship. Until He comes again to make His HOME with us, there is simply no such thing as an "ordinary" Sunday. Be sure not to miss THIS one!

10:00am, Rochester Performance & Arts Center ( 32 North Main St. ). See you soon.

Every Blessing,
Pastor Chris