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He is (still) Risen! The Risen Lord is on the move, today, and as a family of faith, we're making some schedule changes for the weeks ahead in order to better listen and move WITH Him!

Short version: From Easter Sunday through Pentecost Sunday (May 20th) this year, we are stepping into an ALL "GATHERING" rhythm.

These seven weeks do not mean that we are moving away from our Table strategy and structure. Rather, our aim is to set aside a corporate season of prayerful discernment about the shape, mode and missional reach of our Table ministry in the years ahead. These weeks will be dedicated as a missional "huddle": to prayerfully clarify, revise, and reform our missional communities, before ultimately re-launching after Pentecost.

Why the Change?

As I shared some a few weeks back, my conviction is that as a church we are stepping into an exciting and critical season. I have been convicted of the ways in which I have personally struggled over the years to know how to understand, articulate and then "give away" the Lord's vision for this ministry to our community as a whole. I have been convicted and burdened by the ways in which this lack of clarity and broader ownership has been costly or confusing to some: the ways in which our missional and communal effectiveness has been constrained. I have been convicted by the need for us, as a family, to have an opportunity to lean into an intentional discipline of prayer, if we are to appropriate both the leading and the empowering of the Holy Spirit for this important work, which only the Lord himself can accomplish.

At the same time I am convicted, I am excited! 

Because, day by day, the Lord seems to be drawing out his purposes for us; revealing why it is that he has led us on this journey in the manner that he has thus far. While still "hazy", a picture of the future, and the possibilities thereof, seems as if it is coming into view in a new way... and that excites me!

Altogether, I know that this season - this vision, this conversation - is not one that I can possibly undertake on my own, FOR you. This is a conversation, a conviction, a future that must be discerned and pressed into along WITH you. The season ahead - lifted by the joy of the resurrection, and anticipating the outpouring of God's own Spirit on Pentecost - is uniquely fitting for the "dream" that the Lord seems to be calling us into: the dream of an empowered priesthood of ALL believers, enlivened by the Spirit, called forth by Jesus, and sent on mission into every crack and crevice of our broken world. In many ways, it feels as if the stage is set for our own Pentecost moment, and to receive it appropriately, it feels as if we need to intentionally wait "all together", as the disciples themselves did in Jerusalem, before the Spirit empowered and sent THEM out.

So, I have suggested this. A season, all Gathered, prayerfully seeking the Lord for our future, in anticipation of being sent into our city and world in new ways in the year(s) ahead. Further clarification, tools and opportunities for this season will be forthcoming. I invite you: Join me in this joyful trepidation! The Spirit is on the move. 

In Christ, WITH you,
Pastor Chris