Hello Friends,

This Sunday, for Gathering; Let's Eat!

10am, at the Rochester Performance & Arts Center (32 North Main St.) bring your favorite *brunch* dish to share (as you are able): we're going to share a family meal together as well as some guided conversation. We'll pray, and tell stories, and explore the ways that God has been speaking and leading us during this season.

Along the way, we'll be exploring the idea that eating - the sharing of meals - as a Kingdom practice. As something that Jesus models, and a practice that He invites us into. Is it possible that our neighborhoods - our world - could be reached and restored... through eating? This will not be a Sunday to be missed!

See you soon.

In Christ, WITH you,
Pastor Chris

A reminder: From Easter Sunday through Pentecost Sunday (May 20th) this year, we are stepping into an ALL "GATHERING" rhythm.

These seven weeks do not mean that we have moved away from our Table strategy and structure. Our aim is to set aside a corporate season of prayerful discernment about the shape, mode and missional reach of our Table ministry in the years ahead. These weeks will be dedicated as a missional "huddle": to prayerfully clarify, revise, and reform our missional communities, before ultimately re-launching after Pentecost.