summer table.png

With July 4th behind us, and 94 degree heat upon us, it's safe to say that SUMMER has arrived! 

There's something uniquely frenetic about summer in New England. It's as if, having survived the snows of winter and rains of Spring, New Englanders leap into the heat and sun of summer - these school-less weeks of otherwise un-programmed space - with something of a wide-eyed abandon that verges on panic; we're so terrified that we're going to MISS it!

And so, summers tend to be particularly full. It's a different sort of busyness than that which carries us along during the rest of the year, but it can still be overwhelming. With the "normal" schedule and daily rhythms pushed to the wayside by beach days, family trips, blueberry picking and summer camp, it's easy to reach the end of August sticky, sunburned, oddly harried, and more or less wondering what has just happened to us as we prepare to send the kids on back to school.

I find that often it is in the midst of the blessing of these open, undefined, recreating days that holding fast to our rhythms and disciplines - while more challenging - become all the more valuable. In endeavoring to hold fast to our regular rhythms of grace - time in scripture, time in prayer, time in fellowship, etc. - we actually prepare and foster within our hearts the ability to truly receive the gift of this time, and season, rather than simply finding ourselves run over by it! 

This Sunday, our family of faith will come together, in various locations, for TABLE: a shared meal, time in prayer, and time in scripture. An opportunity, for those who will receive it, to pause and thank God for his goodness, calibrating our hearts for the week ahead, whatever it may have in store!

As always, if you yourself are not yet connected with another Table fellowship, the RPAC/Downtown Table ( 10am, 32 North Main St. ) would love to have you join us! Come, and see.

Come, and dine!

Every Blessing,
Pastor Chris