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Hello Friends,

Missiologist Alan Hirsch has said: 

I believe that every believer has the potential for world transformation in them...(E)very seed is a potential tree and every tree is a potential forest. All the potential of a forest is contained in that one seed. In the same way, every believer has the potential for world transformation. There is an ‘ecclesia’ in every one of us and in every ‘ecclesia’ there is a potential for a movement. When we begin to see the church this way, everything changes. It is a massive shift in the way we see ourselves as God’s people.”” 

As we have learned again and again over these 4+ years of our church planting adventure thus far: the Church of Jesus is not a building. It is not an event, a program, a product or an experience. At her heart, the Church is a people. We are a tribe of grace, a MOVEMENT of Jesus' Kingdom upon the earth, here and now. And by the empowering and calling of the Holy Spirit of God, we declare that the seed and full potential of that movement resides in the heart of every follower of Jesus. It is simply ours to listen, discern, and wholeheartedly follow the leading of Christ for our lives, as we find ourselves caught up in the unfolding of his eternal purposes. 

This is our conviction. Our posture is one of expectation that the Spirit is on the move in, around, and through us. And, we have learned over the years not to get too comfortable in any one place or circumstance. You just never know what the Lord may be up to, next!

As such, it may come as small surprise that our time hosting GATHERING at the Rochester Performance & Arts Center is coming to an end. For a year, now, we have enjoyed this place and the relative locational stability it provided. We are grateful for the gift of this time. For the year ahead, however, the RPAC is no longer in a position to accommodate our space and scheduling needs. So, the PEOPLE of God must now find a new PLACE to Gather in worship and fellowship. We are, once again, on the move! Thanks to a strong and healthy extended family of faith in our region, the search for this new space has been a short one, this time!

Beginning in September, our GATHERINGS will be hosted at the Rochester Hill campus of Grace Community Church ( 159 Rochester Hill Road, Rochester NH ). The GCC family has graciously afforded us the opportunity to maintain our 10am Sunday morning Gathering time. Again, we are grateful for the Lord's provision and care! 

The Commons is church, ON THE MOVE! Please continue to lift up this movement in prayer, as we continue to lean in to the calling of Jesus for us here, in northern New England.

Every Blessing,
Pastor Chris