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Hello Friends,

So, this is a little out of character.

The word on the street is that we've got some *snow* headed our way. January in New Hampshire. It happens. But such is the timing and forecasted significance that it's pretty well guaranteed to make a mess of most Sunday morning plans. 

Now, my New Hampshirite pride (and personal experience with weather forecasts) pretty well dictates that 1.) You don't change plans based on a forecast alone and 2.) You don't want to be the FIRST one to cancel Sunday services when the snow DOES fly. Around here, we generally prefer to give winter weather a good, hard, Clint Eastwood stare, right down to the last possible minute before conceding defeat. 

However, since at this point it sounds like the only real debate the meteorologists are having is about whether we're going to be looking out the window at 10" of wet snow or 24" of fluffy snow on Sunday morning, AND because I personally have too much going on over the next couple of days, before heading to the AIRPORT Sunday afternoon ( yes... pray for me, church ) to spend the next 48 hours giving the hairy eyeball to the doppler BEFORE finally calling it, I'm just going to go ahead and say that we're not going to plan on GATHERING together, in person, for worship this coming Sunday.

INSTEAD, for those who are so inclined to pause their shoveling/Netflixing/snow-daying for a few moments in the morning, I will plan to hit Facebook Live at 10:30am to offer a brief "fireside chat" version of what would have been my teaching for this week. With the chance to begin our journey in the book of Revelation this Sunday, and to mark the legacy of MLK Jr., to boot, it just doesn't seem fitting to do *nothing*! So, we'll take advantage of what opportunity social media gives us, this time around.

This teaching will be live through the Facebook page for The Commons, which can be found here:

Again: Live feed at 10:30am, Sunday

Stay warm, dry, and safely off the roads this weekend, friends, and we'll see you on the other side!

Every Blessing,
Pastor Chris