In our TABLE groups this Sunday, we are launching a NEW study and teaching series!

After finishing up our 2 1/2+ year journey through the "big story" of scripture, from creation to new creation, closing with our extended series in the Book of Revelation, we're going BACK to the beginning. In this series entitled, "Called", we'll be going through scripture to study every(?) instance where we find the Lord God SPEAKING to a person.

For The Commons, understanding ourselves as "called" people, and growing in our ability to discern the calling of God over our lives, is central to what we see that God doing in and through us as a community and a movement. And so, it becomes important to ask:

What does the voice of God "SOUND" like? When God speaks to a person, what are the sorts of things that he tends to SAY? What are the callings, invitations, exhortations, challenges and correctives that God has communicated to his people, throughout the ages? And, how might becoming better acquainted with the voice of God as we encounter it in scripture help us to better discern, understand and obey the voice of God as we encounter Him in our lives, today? These are the themes and questions that we will be diving into together in our new series, "Called".

See you on Sunday!