"Come away with me,"

Jesus says, "To a quiet place and get some rest." ( Mark 6:31 )

24 Hours.

3 meals.

Community & quiet space.

Scripture & prayer.


Busyness. Our lives are defined by it. Our days, consumed by it. Everybody's busy. Scattered in a hundred directions at any given moment and yet, plagued by the haunting sense that all of this activity is still not ENOUGH. We've been created - and LONG for - greater depths and deeper breaths. A space to slow down, unplug; to quiet our minds and hearts long enough that we might hear the voice of God and be RESTORED.

“Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy... the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day. Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy." (Exodus 20:8–11)

Sabbath. It's not a new idea, but an oft forgotten one in our day. The simple truth is that we've not been built for endless, uninterrupted activity, work and digital distraction. We've been built to be restored in rhythms of quiet and reflection, prayer and play. Jesus invites his disciples, "Come with me to a quiet place, and get some REST."


The Vision: 

"Respite" is a series of periodic 24-hour retreats. Beginning Friday evening - arriving after work/dinner - and ending with a Saturday evening meal. Time spent in community: Saturday morning in communal scripture study, and family-style meals. Personal and/or quiet time: Saturday afternoon left free for reading, hiking, napping, board games or spiritual direction. 

24 hours. Off the "grid", off the clock, off the phone. For individuals, families, pastors and church leaders. A retreat that doesn't require a whole weekend or take us away from our regular worshipping community. A day set aside to stop, to breath, to listen, to laugh, to pray... to REST.


The Location:

"Respite" will be hosted by New England Frontier Camp, ( www.NEFC.org ) in Lovell, Maine. NEFC is a rustic, lodge-model retreat center, on the shore of beautiful Kezar Lake. The food will be hot, the hearth fires burning, and cell service, (wonderfully) poor.

On-site Fall and Spring free-time activities include: Canoeing, hiking, basketball, volleyball, soccer, disk golf and riflery. During the Winter, sledding, ice skating, hockey, ice fishing, cross country skiing and snowshoeing are all options.



Date: Our next "Respite" retreat will take place November 2nd (arrival on the 1st). 

Facilitator: Pastor Chris Bannon, The Commons ECC

Cost: $60/person