Chris Bannon


Before becoming the founding pastor of THE COMMONS, Chris served on staff with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship - first as campus staff at the University of Rhode Island, then as Area Director for the state of NH - as well as serving several years on the pastoral staff of Dover Baptist Church in Dover, NH.

He is passionate about the preaching and teaching of Scripture, culture-making, fly fishing and good barbecue. When not in the pulpit or otherwise disturbing the peace, he can usually be found spending time with family and friends somewhere in the out-of-doors.



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Leah Roth

Executive director, Woven Community Development

As Executive Director of our Woven Community Development Association, Leah Roth dedicates much of her time to integrating The Commons into the fabric of the city of Rochester.  Leah connects weekly with local non-profits, civic groups and businesses to build relationships, offer volunteer services, share knowledge and bring hope to this city.   She has spent over two decades coordinating volunteers for community service, holds a degree in organizational management and has past experience in human resource.  

Leah’s desire is to see The Commons become a church that is incarnational through the sharing of the love of Jesus with the lost and broken in our city. If she isn’t putting golf balls with her boys in the yard, baking cookies to share, or enjoying her large family, you can find her sipping a good cup of coffee with a book in hand.